Author Stephanie Fowler: When Murder isn’t a Mystery and Legacy Matters More

Originally from Salisbury, MD, Stephanie Fowler is a graduate of Parkside High-School. She earned her college degree in creative writing at Washington College in Chester, Maryland where she was awarded the Sophie Kerr Prize, the largest undergraduate prize in literature in the United States. The winning collection of stories about Delmarva was entitled Crossings and published in 2008.

In the fall of 2020 Stephanie published her second work, Chasing Alice, the result of a six-year dedication of love in tribute to her high school English teacher, Alice Davis, who was tragically murdered by her husband. Stephanie joined Delmarva’s Own podcast to share why Mrs. Davis was so inspirational to her and so many others and why Stephanie made it her mission to tell her story.

In May 2013 Stephanie opened SaltWater Publishing in Berlin, Maryland to help local authors with self-publishing and tech services. Their tech-specialty is Apple products so before you cross the bridge to visit the Annapolis Apple store, give SaltWater Media a call. It’s kinda their thing.

She is the co-host of the “So What’s Your Story” Podcast and has appeared on the “What You Should Read” podcast with Kelly Hager and Julia and Rachel Hall, the “Foul Play” podcast with Shane Waters and Gemma Hoskins, and “Mybookcart and More” with Hanna and Cari. She has appeared on DelmarvaLife, Coastal A+E with Michael Sprouse, Delmarva Today, and more.

Chasing Alice is available locally at The Greyhound Indie Bookstore, Sundial Books, Bethany Beach Books, The Bookplate, and Browseabout Books as well as through Salt Water Media. It is also available through, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, though as always, Delmarva’s Own emphasized the importance of supporting local merchants. Do so if you can!

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Podcast: So What’s Your Story

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