NFL Veteran, Jody Shulz…Oh, and an Update on the Podcast

There are “rules” of podcasting. One of those rules is to tell listeners when they can expect to find new episodes, and then deliver on the promise. This is a rule we’ve never kept at Delmarva’s Own, at least not to this point. Instead, we’ve uploaded content as content became available. Our ability to produce the content has been dependent on the circumstance in our … well, our lives. And let’s  be honest here, when we say “we,” we’re really referring to Jeff…me.

My life has been full. Most of the things taking my attention have been good. My wife and I have purchased a new home, my son and I drove across the country together and there was a wedding thrown in there too, I think. Randy grills me for a while about just what this has meant for me and my family. Mainly, I’m writing a book – a memoir – and my creative juices have been working primarily in this area. But as I have, I’ve had this lingering voice in the back of my mind saying, “Hey, at least post the rest of your interview with Jody Shulz … the part about his NFL career.”

So, we take care of that in this episode as well.


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