Sometimes I Do Things Backwards

For the most part, my blog posts can be found here. However, I will also be posting them on Today you’ll need to follow the link below to read my post on Medium.

I tried to copy and paste it all here, but that turned out to be a somewhat cumbersome ordeal for people with a boomer mentality… like me. I’m not gifted… or should I say, I’m technically challenged. I own it. As much as I try to do better, I just don’t get along will with certain coding. Mainly, all of it. I can’t tell you how many times I try to do something online only to figure out there was a better way I should have tried first. But when I try to correct things, I just make it worse. So, if you don’t mind, for this particular blog entry, follow this link to my thoughts about something I wish I understood about the Bible years ago.

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